Thank you Allah

First of all I would like to apologise to Allah for being so ungrateful and impatient. Astaghfirullahalazim. I hope Allah will forgive me and insyaallah I will do the solah taubah soon. Insyaallah..

My real life experience…

I decided that I want to get a new job in a new country. This was in July. At that time I said to myself it would be PERFECT if I could start a new job in January. So I started sending CVs and all starting from the end of July. I have lost count on the number of application that I have sent in. None of my direct application has any reply. I have only 3 interviews and all of them from the CV that was forwarded from friends to their HR. 2 interviews in August and 1 interview in early September. By end of October, 1 had rejected my application. So at that time I have got the impression that I did not succeed in any of my job application. I thought that maybe my CV and experience is not good enough to get me a new job. I felt so frustrated and dejected. I thought it is impossible even to get a new job.

But Allah is great. He has laid out all of His master plan to each of His servants so perfectly. On 2 November got a phone call for a job offer to START working on the 3rd January.

So the above is a perfect example to show that Allah hears and answers ALL your hope and pray. Please never ever lost any hope with Allah. Please also be patient. He knows what is best for you. Sometime He might not give you what you WANT but definitely He will give you what you NEED. Do not forget to always pray to Him. When you have got what you want do not forget to do Sujud Shukur.

Thank you Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful.

Ps/ Allah is The One and Only God in Arabic.


Lower your expectation

Read somewhere that we should always lower our expectation. Most people will not agree with this but not me. Why is that? Let me explain this based on my experience…

I have put money into a bond which will make me entitled to monthly prize draw. At first I was so excited and always dreaming that I could get some of the prizes. Time flies and nothing happened. Then suddenly out of the blue I have won a small prize. I was so excited with it and feel so grateful to Allah. I praised Allah for this unexpected prize.

A few months later, I won the same prize but I can feel that my grateful feeling was not as strong as before. I started to hope and dream that I will get that grand prize.

And the third time I won it (same small prize), instead of being grateful to Allah, I was kind of disappointed that I did not win a much better prize.

So now you can see how important it is to always lower your expectation so that you will always be grateful on ALL gifts given by Allah.

I have made this mistake before and I hope that Allah will forgive me for this. Oh Allah, please make me be one of your grateful servants.